Collegiate and Enthusiast Competitions

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             2015 Great Lakes Guitar Competition

Collegiate Level

Ages 18-30 Guitarists at the Outset of Their Careers


  • First Place – TBD
  • Second Place – TBD
  • Third Place – TBD

Enthusiast Level (all finger style)

Guitarists That are not under professional representation

  • First Place – TBD
  • Second Place – TBD
  • Third Place – TBD


There will be two rounds, a preliminary round and a final round.

For the preliminary round, competitors shall play works totaling no more than 7 minutes time. Three performers will be chosen to compete in the final round. This round is closed to the public.

In the final round, a program totaling no more than 15 minutes will be performed. Open to the Public.

Repertoire in each round is up to the discretion of the competitor. A competitor may perform the same or different music in each round. If a competitor exceeds the given time allotted, that competitor will be asked to stop but without penalty. All judges’ decisions are final.

*All competitions are subject to a minimum number of enrolled competitors in the event that number is not met it is to the discretion of the Festival Committee to either cancel the event or make modifications to the event prizes. All changes will result in the opportunity to all entrants to withdraw without loss of entrance fee.

*Competitors may only compete in one category (collegiate of enthusiast) per Festival Year.


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